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My son wanted to swim naked!

I have wanted to start Ryan on swimming some months ago, but all I did was talk and talk and talk and then came the flu and I chickened out bringing him to a public pool. But we did buy him his swimsuit, and it waited patiently to be worn. Then some weeks back the grandma bought him one of those play pools that we could use at home.

We decided to let him have his first swimming experience in that little pool last weekend. It’s a very small one, but just nice to fit him into it with lots of his “toy friends” to play with.

He was very excited about it and willingly let his daddy change him into the swimsuit. But when it came time to go into the pool, he insisted that he wanted to remove the suit! There was no way we could get him into the pool with the suit on as he kept struggling to get out.

In the end we had to explain to him that the suit was meant to get wet and he HAD to wear something to swim. He still refused and made us take it off. We let him sit naked in the pool for a bit and then forced a t-shirt on him. But I was still uncomfortable with him being half naked in there so it was through more persuasions that we managed to get him back into the suit.

But even then, he was really funny. He refused to sit in the pool. He kept standing, possibly to avoid getting the suit wet. Then slowly, he went down on all fours and stayed that way playing with water. At the most, he would sit in that kneeling position. He just refused to land his butt on the floor!

Anyway, what matters most is that he had a happy time. I think it should get easier as we have more swimming sessions with him in the coming weekends. I just wonder how long it will take for him to be completely ok to get his swimming suit wet!

I also don’t know how long it will be before we bring him to the real pools due to hygiene issues especially with scary diseases going around these days. Some well-meaning friends who have pools in their homes for rent offered us to use them but I don’t think they are ideal either.

A friend recommended a pool that we can go to in one of those clubs nearby our place, as he finds it clean and not congested because people who are non-club members need to pay to get in and apparently club members don’t really use the pool. I guess that might be one alternative I will consider when we’re ready to take him to the pool. Well, more like when he’s ready to get wet!

Where do you take your kids to swim in?