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Beware of Confinement Centres

A friend of mine related a shocking story of a confinement center to me and I felt that it ought to be shared for the benefit of many mothers and their babies. Here’s what happened.

My friend called to acquire the services of a particular commercial confinement center as their baby will be due soon. After asking the standard questions and satisfied with the answers and price quoted, the couple was keen to close the deal and sign up for the confinement service. Before doing so, my friend gave the phone number of the center to his mother as she had more questions to ask before confirming the service. And it was a good thing that she called up.

When my friend’s mother called, the confinement center thought that she was looking for a job as a confinement lady. Since this was the case, my friend’s mother decided to play along and said that she was interested to look for work but she has no experience. She was then told that it was NOT A PROBLEM because she could be trained. All she had to do was to pay the center RM2,500 and stay at the center to be trained as a confinement lady for ONE WEEK! After that one-week training, she would then be ready to do the job for real.

Upon hearing this, she obviously lost confidence in the confinement center for providing the services of a confinement lady with absolutely no experience, and having only been trained for a week. If you ask around, the fees that these centers charge are not cheap. You would expect good and experienced people to be doing the confinement at such a price.

It is sad that this is how the center operates. At the same time, it is a blessing to warn other parents to beware when searching for such services from confinement centers. Do proper and stringent screening of them if you are interested in getting their service instead of hiring a freelance confinement lady. Do pass on this story to your friends who are leaning towards confinement centers too. You could be doing them a big favor.