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I used banana toothpaste for the first time in my life!

Yupe…and it felt odd. I didn’t expect it otherwise. How can banana toothpaste be natural, huh?

But for a baby or toddler, it is as natural as it can be. I finally decided to buy a tube of toothpaste for Ryan because he’s been asking me to squeeze some toothpaste on his toothbrush, just like how I do it for myself. Each time I had to tell him that it’s not suitable for him and that it’s hot (well, minty actually but how to explain that to a 2-year old?).

So finally now Ryan has his very own special toothpaste. I got him the one and only safe toothpaste that I know of, the First Teeth Baby Toothpaste which I wrote about more than a year ago (read the post here). This toothpaste is meant for babies from 3 months old and older, contains no fluoride and is safe for children to swallow. It is made of milk enzyme and flavored with apple and banana.

It doesn’t foam very much. In fact, when Ryan uses it, there is absolutely no foam at all. The reason is because he sucks on it and then swallows it instead of using it to brush his teeth! And when that pea-sized toothpaste is gone from his toothbrush, he would ask me for more!

I think he likes the taste of it. It tastes predominantly of banana and not so much of the apple. I know because I tried it myself. It sure felt funny. The gel-like paste does not create much foam when brushing. Whilst I have a mental block of how well it cleanses the teeth because it doesn’t feel like the regular toothpaste that can sometimes give you a squeeky clean feel, I have to admit that it’s actually not too bad.

After rinsing off the toothpaste, my teeth did feel quite clean. In fact, it felt smooth. I quite liked that feeling. But what I cannot take is the after taste of the banana flavor. I’m not a banana fan, so you can see why I have a problem there. But I’m sure the kids would love this First Teeth Baby Toothpaste and I know why now!

You can find this toothpaste at most Guardian pharmacies. Not sure about Watson, but I suppose you can too.

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